The Foundation team pushes the limits with the That's Life Flick, showing what street skating can look like. They hit everything in sight, hard and fast - not just rails and gaps, but everything. It's a good skate video with a lot of variety. For skaters who are looking for hype or special effects, you might want to look elsewhere, but for original, hard, fast street skating, check out That's Life Flick.

Anyone who knows me knows very well that I watch an obscene amount of skate videos. Also, anyone who knows me knows to listen up when I recommend a good skate video. “That’s Life Flick” (2004) by Foundation Skateboards is one of those videos. Featured riders include Matt Allen, Corey Duffel, Ethan Fowler, Angel Ramirez, Leo Romero, Mike Rusczyk, Daniel Shimizu, Tony Silva, Gareth Stehr and Justin Strubing. Not only is the line up full of hammer droppers and rail smashers, but the skateboarding itself is dynamic and otherworldly. This is one of those videos to watch and soak in before you go skate.

Notable parts are laid down by Leo Romero, Justin Strubing and Corey Duffel. In my opinion, Leo shuts it down. He has the very first part, which comes with a lot of pressure, and he delivers with a wide variety of tricks down obstacles of all types. The youngster definitely establishes himself as a hard-hitter in the streets. Justin, probably the most seasoned Foundation skateboarder next to the legendary Ethan Fowler, delivers a solid part with his own unique brand of high-paced skateboarding. Mr. William Corey Duffel drops the final and, perhaps, most epic part. I personally am not a fan of Corey, ever since he made some racist comments about Stevie Williams, indiscreetly calling Little Stevie a “trashy nigger” in an interview some years ago. However, it can be agreed that his skateboarding speaks for itself. Two parts in one, white-trash Corey terrorizes the streets and takes no prisoners. Handrails everywhere… beware.

All in all, “That’s Life Flick” is a great watch from start to finish: excellent intro and outro parts with a fully packed “Friends” section. The skateboarding is hard, fast and packaged in classic Foundation style. For those of you who remember Foundation’s “Art Bars: Subtitles and Seaguls” (2001), which I also emphatically recommend, this review might stir some memories. I have personally recommended “That’s Life Flick” to a number of young skaters I know and even provided them with bootleg copies of the video. Well done Tum Yeto. The streets are yours yet again.

Article by BW Shop Team Rider THABISO GULUBANE

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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